ebesuya brand

House of bonesetting ebesuya Innoshima in Onomichi-shi, Osamu Higashio
Unlike consolation acts such as manipulative House, hand fir tree shop, relaxation
"Rev. judo reposition" of scholar of national qualification as specialist in exercise device (bone, sinew, joint)
We operate for the purpose of treatment
We said X-rays and MRI like ebesuyadeha orthopedics
Video diagnosis is not possible
Balance of distortion and torsion, muscle physical by "hand" becoming substitute
We inspect cause of pain and disorder

<Goya-style frame reposition>
In o ultimate idea where House of bonesetting ebesuya Innoshima, Osamu Higashio "is kind to mind and body,"
We assumed art of Orient, Western medicine and old judo reposition in Japan axis,
By ebesuya original "comfortable" "easy" surgical operation that "we do not have a pain"
We fix framework of whole body.
Self-healing power that human being originally has without depending on medicine and injection as much as possible
We improve symptom by drawing to the maximum.

In addition, it is Onomichi-shi in House of bonesetting ebesuya Innoshima, Osamu Higashio
Surgical operation outpatient of traffic accident (compulsory automobile liability insurance), workmen's accident goes, too.

Seven charm that are chosen

⒈ Bonesetting <Goya-style frame reposition> that scholar of national qualification gives

Acute traumatic surgical operation is foreign traffic accident, workmen's accident

Introduction of low-priced own expense surgical operation

Cheerful accounts of rate mention, relief

Receptionist normal on Saturday and Sunday breakless until 21:00 to stop by

Equipped with BGM, parking lot which did spaciously just like opening-like space, live sound such as hotel

Thorough cleaning, hygiene management

<to the House of treatment of lifestyle suggestion type>

Goya group sends helpful various information to health of all of you based in the House of bonesetting

Not only posture of passiveness that patient such as the House of conventional treatment is treated one-sidedly but also

Being conscious of "House of bonesetting ebesuyaheno next House by oneself mind and body daily life,

By ebesuyaheno continuation-like going to hospital, we realize health of heart, the body and live a substantial life"

Here, we suggest such a lifestyle

"The House of bonesetting" with "Rev. judo reposition"

Name of surgical operation place of scholar of national qualification "Rev. judo reposition" that acquired medicine at training school which Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare established for 3-4 years.

We are called the House of bonesetting in hahonetsugi, late years in old days.

Specialist of exercise device that country accepts <including bone, sinew, joint>.

We perform art of noninvasive reposition due to hand without cutting birth, affected part than live law of martial arts from ancient times.

In WHO, we recognize as Japanese tradition medical care <Judo therapist>.

<handling insurance>
・Compulsory automobile liability insurance, car insurance against loss (traffic accident)
・Workmen's accident compensation insurance (work-related accident, commuting accident)
・Various health insurance
・The medical expenses furtherance <person with a physical disability, the one degree of kinship, infants>
・Atom bomb A-bomb victim
・Welfare recipient
・Various life insurance (we give going to hospital going to hospital security)
・Japanese sports revival school center <old school security society> (school disaster, attending school accident)
・Sports security insurance (injuries by activity in sports group)

About receipt commission payment system

Insurance regimes of the House of bonesetting are classified in allowance for family medical expenses in medical expenses and are system which patient oneself originally files for supply application of allowance for family medical expenses to health insurer, and Rev. management judo reposition receives commission from patient in <gets rid of repayment>, and acts for insurance request procedure. Therefore firstly signature of substitute request agreement from patient is necessary for allowance for family medical expenses supply application (insurance request paper) every month.

About application signature of blank paper

After patient confirmed mention contents of allowance for family medical expenses supply application of surgical operation month enough, we want to have signature, but going to hospital after the next time is called off by circumstances (business trip, transfer, disease, transfer, the pressure, changing hospital) of patient one-sidedly, and I may not originally accept signature. Therefore we will have signature on application of blank paper in duties beforehand out of necessity on first next House day of the beginning of the month. Please keep receipt statement issuing every surgical operation by all means. For this number of sheets becomes the surgical operation true days and lists in application monthly.

It gives attention and notification that some health insurers sign application of blank paper for patient, but Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare shows opinion in duties if unavoidable.

Person wanting reading, please inform of application about contents of application by 8th in the next month in said this month. In addition, as you do like that, you feel free to contact, and please touch only when you can do the next House on day when patient who wants to sign after confirming application which we made appointed by all means.

About patient inquiry (questionnaire) by each insurer

Questionnaire about going to hospital of our House may arrive from healthy insurer where patient joins. This paper is different by each insurer, but unspecified number of the general public comes to apply.

Onerousness invites perplexity, uneasiness again without a lot of questions that this paper is specialized being able to make a correct reply in patient one, and there are ambulatory evil and the present conditions that it is.

However, we show opinion when Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare wants to carry out patient inquiry for each health insurer.

As repayment of past premium may be demanded when there is wrong answer for vague memory in documents, if you have any questions, please refer to our House casually.

When they do not bring documents and fill out bonesetting House by oneself by all means in some health insurers, they may list in document, but Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare replies with "thing that it is all right we hit if patient replies, and to perform inquiry to Rev. oneself judo reposition" about this matter.

We serve every day so that all patients feels relieved in our House, and social security system is got.

Firstly please show health insurance card every month.


House of bonesetting ebesuya Innoshima (the House of old Kawano bonesetting)
Surgical operation time: From 09:00 a.m. to 12:00

There is time change for from 15:00 p.m. to 18:00
※We allow surgical operation after 18:00 <advance reservations system>
Regular holiday: Sundays and holidays, the afternoon of Saturday
Tel/Fax: 0845-24-2444
The location: 〒722-2101 1987, Innoshimaohamacho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima
National highway No. 317 is along! White electric light signboard is mark!
(see sex temple passage)
Parking lot: More than three
Reservation: Nomination of the surgical operation person in charge requires reservation by the day before
The card settlement: None

House of bonesetting ebesuya Osamu Higashio ☆NEW new store☆
Reception hours: From 14:00 to 21:00 (Saturday, Sunday, weekdays)
Regular holiday: Tuesday Sundays and holidays
Tel/Fax: 0848-47-2468
The location: 〒729-0141 5057-1, Takasucho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima <new address>
(slant of the second brook dental clinic goes)
Parking lot: The building front and the left space land (completely equipped more than ten)
Reservation: Need reservations (day of the telephone reservation OK)
The card settlement: Impossibility to currently use

East Hiroshima public health center report finished

Hiroshima labor bureau workmen's accident designation, nomination organization Registered

It has been consented to the handling of ju*inin of Middle Shikoku public welfare station judo reposition surgical operation allowance for family medical expenses

It has been consented to the handling of ju*inin of Governor of Hiroshima judo reposition surgical operation allowance for family medical expenses

Hiroshima welfare designation medical institution contract finished

Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare license designation register list is registered